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Pumping Liquids Brochure

Pumping Gases Brochure

Heating Liquids Brochure

Pumping Liquids Brochure

  • Pumping Liquids. For such a usage, a liquid motive is used to pump another liquid. This is extremely beneficial in areas where an electric pump might present an explosion hazard, or where electric lines might not be available such as when draining a sump. Other typical applications include pulling an acid or base into a water stream in order to dilute that acid or base, and for boosting the NPSH (Net Positive Suction Head) of another pump.   Download Eductors for Pumping Liquids


Pumping Gases Brochure

Pumping Gases. In this case, liquid is again used as the motive force. One typical application is the aeration of a liquid in order to reduce BOD (Basic Oxygen Demand) of the fluid. Others include exhausting vapors or gases from a room, evacuating a vessel, scrubbing fumes from a gas, or creating vacuums. In addition, should there be a need to inject air, ozone, chlorine or other gases into a process liquid, eductors will perform that function efficiently and effectively.  Download Eductors for Pumping Gases

Heating Liquids Brochure

Heating Liquids. Using steam as the motive force to pump a liquid also works to heat the liquid. For example, when drawing water from a pond, the need exists to warm that water as it's being supplied to a process. The eductor performs two functions in one. Other applications include heating process fluids in line, cooking slurries in line, and heating reactor jackets.  Download Eductors for Heating Liquids


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In-line models are in stock up to 3" size.  Stocked materials jet pumps / eductors are Carbon Steel, 316SS and Bronze.

Tanks Eductors are stocked in sizes up to 3" in both Carbon Steel and 316SS.   We stock PPL & PVDF materials in sizes from 1/4" thru 1-1/2".

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While our competition design their eductors for nominal pressure ratings, NCI Eductors are designed and produced to meet rigorous ASME/ANSI specifications.

NCI Eductors are rated at 285 PSIG @ 100°F.

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